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            “You were born for the sake of world upliftment…”

Upliftment: verb: to improve socially, culturally, morally or spiritually.

St. Lynn

St. Lynn is a high end clothing company that excels in designing the best dress shirts for men and women. At St. Lynn, we acknowledge all that is good and beautiful in life, not just high quality dress shirts.  We strive to maintain a balance between hard work and simplicity in all that we do, all that we create, and all our interactions with the amazing people in our life.

We also believe that through loyalty, truthfulness, and transparency we can create a dynamic relationship with each and every single person we interact with allowing us to be of the greatest service to you.


Since we started creating clothes back in 2009, we have been trying to understand the latest trends and fashion developments so that we have something unique, stylish and really different to offer to our customers. the most mindful, conscious and thoughtful pieces reach your closet and express who you truly are.

Finding real joy in collaboration, and friendship with others, we want to bring to the table more than a superficial retail experience.  In choosing to create a human experience online we are "living our truth," and we strive to connect authentically with everyone who crosses our path, which is how our team finds true wealth.


Based in beautiful coastal Southern California, we design our collections and house our merchandise until it reaches closets worldwide. Every one on our team, including our much loved pug, Mylo, is important!

Our manufactures were handpicked in Macau after many years of laboriously searching for the most mindful, loving and caring partners. Each piece is handcrafted and all our ties are sewn by hand, to ensure the highest quality items. Our manufacturers in Macau have become our family and we think of them with no other distinction.We can assure you that the amazing products we bring you are 100% made with love!


With the right fashion approach and positive outlook, St. Lynn helps you look your best, while Living Your Truth!

Whether you are looking to buy a new dress shirt for work or for a night out with friends or family, we have the best collection for you. From the most comfortable, durable and easy to handle fabric to colors that last, we know what you are looking for and cater to all your needs in the best possible way.
We have been able to make a name for our brand by being very conscious about fashion and portraying it in a positive manner.  St. Lynn is all about making you feel comfortable in what you wear by expressing who you really are.

From vibrant colors and designs to somber yet elegant cuts to suit all occasions, we make sure that you select the best dress shirt that helps you convey the right message about your personality and choice.

St. Lynn is a brand that creates awareness about the importance of wearing the right dress shirts and how they should be carried rather than just an online clothing store.

Kunal Khanna

Founder, St. Lynn


"My main goal was to source the highest quality cottons and designs, while building strong family-like relationships with our manufacturers, designers and customers. 

It's a tremendous honor to have a brand named after St. Lynn, my role model. He was a great businessman in the US, but an even greater man of truth, being victorious at conquering the hearts and loyalty of all who came in his path.  He was given the title St. Lynn by a great Yogi who observed how incredible his ability to balance his outer with his inner life was."

Giving Back

As a company founded on the principle of Living Your Truth, we at St. Lynn believe there is nothing more important than giving back.  For us, Living Truth means following in the footsteps of our company’s namesake and including the happiness of others in our own happiness. Service to others is near and dear to the heart of all of us here at St. Lynn, and we believe, as a great yogi from India once said, "life should be chiefly service."

One of the St. Lynn team members was introduced to the founder and director of Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh, India, and was blessed to be given the opportunity to volunteer at this life-changing school for six weeks during a visit to India.  She saw first hand how one whole-heartedly dedicated person can change the lives of thousands.

Mother Miracle's Story


Mother Miracle Founder and Director, Shahla Ettefagh

Mother Miracle’s founder, Shahla Ettefagh, gave up everything to come to India and serve the poor.  Hers is a story of perseverance and undaunted service.  During a visit to India in 1995, Shahla was so moved by seeing children living in extreme poverty that she vowed to come back to India to dedicate her life to helping poor children and families, especially women. In 2002, she fearlessly sold her house, business and personal belongings. She said goodbye to her family, friends and the love of her life. She ripped up all her photo albums to avoid the temptation of returning, and she moved to India to start a new life without ever looking back.

Mother Miracle's Impact


Mother Miracle School provides highest quality education to exceptionally intelligent children from the slums of Rishikesh, India

Since then, she's made an outstanding impact in the community. Not only has she built a state-of-the-art school against all odds (there are many bureaucratic obstacles in India!) and is providing the highest quality education, as well as nutrition and healthcare, to hundreds of the most exceptionally intelligent children from the slums of Rishikesh, she has also started a women's empowerment program that provides skills training and income to poor women in the community, as well as a free vocational training to the community's youth who do not attend the school. Mother Miracle’s scholarship program enables their students to attend private universities in India and the United States.  One of the graduates from her school is now studying to be a neurosurgeon in the United States, and there are many more equally triumphant stories!  Mother Miracle was awarded ‘Best School Trophy’ among 40 schools in Rishikesh in 2015 and 2016.

 Mother MIracle's Women's Empowerment Program that gives vocational training to women from the community.

Mother MIracle's Women's Empowerment Program that gives vocational training to women from the community.

Shahla volunteers her time to the school and abstains from taking a salary; 100% of donations go directly to supporting the children’s education, nutrition and healthcare. These children come from the poorest of the poor, so they are extremely dedicated to making the most of this opportunity Mother Miracle is giving them by taking their education seriously.  They know Shahla is giving them 110% of her love and has dedicated her entire life to serving them, and in turn they respond with respect, dedication and hard work.  By working hard to climb out of destitution through education they are also helping to provide the basic necessities of life to their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.  Mother Miracle is breaking the cycle of poverty one child at a time.

Inspired? Join St. Lynn in Giving Back

With every purchase you make with St. Lynn, we will donate part of the profit to Mother Miracle School. If you would like to learn more about this incredible non-profit, or donate directly, you can visit their website.

A Glimpse at the Mother Miracle Children

Check out the short video below that a St. Lynn team member took during her visit to the school.  You will see the positive reinforcement and spirit of love that the children receive!

“Who’s the best? I am! Who’s the smartest? I am!  Who’s a genius? I am! Who’s the cutest? I am!”


"I thought a lot about how I could convince these kids that they are worthy. So, I came up with this cheer, and I ask them to do it with powerful energy. If you say with confidence that you are the best every single day, you will be the best. How can it not be so? Now they believe it so much that when they go to competitions they don’t come back without an award."

Shahla Ettefagh

Founder & President, Mother Miracle

Rishikesh, India

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